Lipocube Nano Kit for Therapeutic 5 Pack


Lipocube Nano Kit for Therapeutic 5 Pack


The LipocubeTM Nano is a single-use mechanical device for the processing of lipoaspirate, the autologous fat tissue, into milli, micro and nano fat graft. Kit is designed for Orthopedic application.



Lipocube Nano Kit is a disposable ‘’all-in-one’’ kit for guided harvesting of autologous adipose tissue that is naturally rich in stromal cells (SVF) containing Adipose-Derived Stem Cells(ADSCs).

Lipocube Nano Kit does not require any additional material for harvesting and processing. The tissue obtained with Lipocube Nano Kit was minimally manipulated and it’s prepared in a totally close sterile environment to reduce the risk of contamination. With Lipoguide, the harvesting procedure is guided and simple, safe and standardized in the correct subcutaneous plane and at a safe depth.

The special harvesting cannula selects small vascular clusters that need minimal manipulation for grafting in order to perform regenerative therapies for the patients. The package consists of all disposable materials to perform the procedure from harvesting to implant  which allows carrying out the procedure on an outpatient basis. The procedure does not require substantial manipulation and amount of the adipose tissue that must be harvested is very limited, making the method minimally invasive.

Advantages of Lipocube™ Nano Kit Therapeutic

  • Easy, Superfast & Effective
  • Uniformization of Fat Graft Size
  • Controlled Downsizing of Fat
  • Closed Sterile System
  • High Regenerative Cell Content
  • Simplified Injection Technique

Additional information

Weight2.350 kg
Dimensions50 × 30 × 24 cm


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